Personal Security Tradecraft and Awareness

Anonymity in the Deep and Dark Web

Deception as a Defense

Instead of trying to defeat the onslaught of technological exploitations with technology, we use traditional and practical security tradecraft techniques to reduce your exposure and enhance your security posture in both the physical and digital world.

“Most commendable is the combination of short lecture style, demonstrations, real-life situations, thoughtful questions, practical hands-on activities, and the cooperative group assignment at the end of the 2-day course.“ Senior corporate cyber executive and ISACA attendee.

Behavior vs Technology

Learn how to use the concept of deception to enhance your security even when you have limited resources. Gain insights in how to use bias as an advantage when developing a security plan. Explore the application of deception techniques in your virtual world to protect your identity. 

Gain new insights into the Deep and Dark Webs, explore managed attribution (hidden) networks, and learn how bad behavior in the Dark Web can result in being compromised on the surface web. Discover how you can use the Dark Web to operate in anonymity.

Understand how the complexities of your everyday behavior influences what you look like online. Learn practical concepts — for the “Average Joe” and seasoned professionals alike — to better manage your online identity in an ever challenging digital world.


“I think it’s by far the best DC Chapter training that I attended. I would love to have more training with similar content and format, and promote them during the conferences." ISACA Washington DC chapter attendee.

Beware the Predator author Warren D. Holston is a seasoned public speaker who is accepting speaking engagements on the following lecture series topics: